Our firm has developed a significant practice relating to Italian Citizenship.  We provide Italian American applicants with the necessary assistance and consultation regarding citizenship. Specifically, we assess their eligibility in order to prepare the citizenship application and the related documents.

We also help the applicant obtain all certificates and documents from Italy required to be filed with the citizenship application.

We Specifically assist our clients get:

  • Ancestors’ birth certificates (father, grandfather, grandmother, great-grand parents) from the “comune” where they were born;
  • Ancestors’ marriage certificates from Italy;
  • Grandparents’ marriage certificates from Italy;
  • Ancestors’ death certificates; and
  • Any other civil records in Italy

In addition, we provide a special service called the “Quick Italian Citizenship Package” which accelerates the citizenship process. To learn more about this option please contact: dualcitizenship@pierroassociati.it