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Antonello Pierro

Attorney at Law

Antonello graduated from the School of Law at “La Sapienza” University in Rome (Italy) in 1995. He was admitted to the Italian State Bar in 1999 and the California State Bar as a Foreign Legal Consultant in 2019.


Francesca Tomassini

Attorney at Law

Francesca graduated from the La Sapienza University of Rome, School of Law, in 2000, and was admitted to the Rome Bar in 2004. She has an extensive litigation experience focusing on banking law, bankruptcy law and professional liability.

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Ilaria Giorgia Rossi

Attorney at Law

Ilaria Rossi graduated from the “University Statale” of Milan in 2000 and was admitted to the Varese Bar in 2004. She attended a specialized school for family law at the Center for Research in Family Law in Rimini in 2012 and the School of Specialization and Advanced Training at Italian Association of Family Law Lawyers in Milan in 2014.

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Luca Lobina

Attorney at Law

Luca graduated from the University of Rome - School of Law in 2000 where he specialized in corporate law and he later attended the Academy for Civil Trial’s International Procedure in Rome.


I hired Antonello Pierro for a unique and complicated legal issue I encountered in seeking dual Italian citizenship. Antonello immediately knew what to do and offered a strategy for me to overcome the legal challenge I faced at the consulate here in the US. Antonello took on the challenge with intelligence, patience, and vigor so we eventually found a resolution that afforded me the opportunity to obtain Italian citizenship. It is without reservation, I highly recommend Antonello Pierro as an attorney, if you have an Italian citizenship issue.

Jeffrey D. DeCarlo, Esq.

I have worked with Antonello Pierro for over 3 years on a variety of matters, all complex legal issues requiring judgement and most of all integrity. I have found Antonello to be thorough and professional. In one real estate transaction, he saved my US client from making a bad purchase using his skills and knowledge. I would never hesitate to recommend Antonello. I trust him.

Joe Andolino, Esq.

I reached out to Antonello to help me with my tax situation and as it turns out because I intended to live in Italy part of the year I potentially qualified for Italian residency. Antonello handled all of the paperwork and then met me in Livorno to process the papers directly with the government officials in Livorno. He further advised me on the required length of stay and other issues concerning residing in Italy. After a few months, my residency application was granted and I save literally tens of thousands of dollars in taxes. I could not have done this without Antonello.

Timur M. Berberoglu, Esq.

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