The firm has broad experience in real estate matters, including the acquisition, sale and rental of real property in Italy and can offer integrated legal advice on real estate matters.

We are able to provide assistance on all aspects of Italian real estate purchases with a particular emphasis on the negotiation of guarantees, the valuation and resolution of construction, and urban planning issues, and the organization of company structures in order to acquire real property in Italy.

In protecting foreign buyers our firm regularly assists clients in conducting comprehensive due diligence review of real estate assets in Italy as part of proposed transactions including:

·   Searching for property in Italy (a) residential, b) commercial and c) hotels building);

·   Negotiating with the seller

·   Clearing (Clean title) title issues and ensuring compliance with the Italian Public Register

·   Inspecting the soundness and fitness of technical permitted property

·   Preparing all the contractual documents

·   Arranging final closing

·   Representing the client at closing, even if the client is not in Italy

·   Property management in Italy after purchase if the client wants to use the property for rental income