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Planning on making a major move to Italy?

What is it about us that will lead you to find the answers you need to make your move to Italy a success? For example, are you are eligible to establish residency in Italy and what must you do to get it? As a result, can you get free health care? Then, can you rent and purchase property in Italy and if so, how do real estate transactions work in Italy? Finally, do you need an attorney to help you buy property in Italy? We will find the answers for you.


What is it about us? We can guide you through all of the proper steps.

What is it about us that sets us apart from other lawyers? For over 15 years our firm has assisted individuals wishing to move or spend a sabbatical year in Italy. We have also helped business entities intending to invest and open subsidiaries or branches in Italy. We can quickly guide you through the necessary steps, make your transition to Italy easier and ensure you avoid the most common mistakes.


Secure your new life in Italy with Pierro Associates.

We will give the legal guidance you need to move to Italy safely and easily. In doing so, you will avoid any headaches with bureaucracy or the legal system. Most importantly, it’s not about me, it’s about us.

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About Us

Pierro Associates is an international Italian law firm with offices in Rome and Milan.

Pierro Associates has expertise in a wide variety of practice areas and provides its clients with comprehensive and integrated legal advice and representation.

The firm has gained significant professional experience in assisting international clients (both individuals and corporations) operating in Italy, and provides assistance mainly in the areas of commercial law, real estate, international business transactions and business acquisitions; in these matters, the firm also provides assistance in litigation by advocating disputes before the Italian courts. The main focus of the firm is the assistance in favor of American entities and individuals who have interests or conduct business in Italy including all aspects of business transactions from business formation to tax advice.

The firm has always concentrated on business law, with a special emphasis on corporate, commercial, banking, real estate and international law. We specialize in commercial transactions, litigation, and arbitration. The firm provides legal expertise in all aspects of business transactions from business formation to tax advice.